Template Videos for Horror Audio Dramas

Template Videos for Horror Audio Dramas

Through my pulp magazine project with Mark (Screaming Eye Press) I was presented with a library of audio dramas that we could share and get online.

Knowing that the best place to put them up was YouTube, that was my goal. But, there is always the issue of “what kind of video do you put behind an audio drama?” (a blog post I should probably write someday).

So, I had a ton of fun coming up with something bringing to mind pulp magazines and horror of the 70s-ish era.

The first show, titled Dead Airwaves, gave me the initial idea. I must admit, I was more than somewhat inspired by the awesome logo Cameron had already made for us. It was really the stark red that made me think of the title graphics lots of movies from the 70s and 80s would use (Dawn of the Dead 1978 and Blood for Dracula 1974, for example).

Dead Airwaves Logo

Of course, creating detailed graphics for an audio drama is not practical so it wasn’t a far jump to the swirling psychedelic openings of movies from the same genre like Die Monster, Die (1965) and The Dunwich Horror (1970).

So at that point I’d found a theme and decided to stick with it. The next audio drama series was Blood Noir. Blood Noir was more of a thriller, or horror-noir radio theater series, where Dead Airwaves had been more horror. Blood Noir had a theme of delivering the story via found audio tapes. Together this led me to the thought of a more grindhouse look with VHS errors.

I guess the main purpose of this blog is to make the point that I love this stuff. I found the entire project to be inspiring of new stories and ideas, while also being reminiscent of radio and fiction I’ve loved for years. Great shows and a fun project. What more could you ask for?