SEO and Marketing


Archaic Media focuses on digital content From music and video to websites art and fiction, Archaic Media is the artistic corner of my marketing endeavors.

Archaic Media started almost 20 years ago and has been supporting and helping business, arts, and communities ever since. Media and content creation is a great outlet to merge marketing and artistic interests.

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The Monsters of Search is an SEO company. Really, we do a lot of things from SEO to PPC to web development, email campaigns, and social media. It’s just in this day and age it’s easier to call it an SEO company

SEO was a strange place for me to find success. As is common with tech, I didn’t really know it existed until I had a job in it. It then opened up a new exciting world to me that I have enjoyed for well over a decade.


Teaching has now also become one of my favorite parts of my involvement in the SEO and Marketing community.

I find that teaching helps me to stay ahead of the curve and simplify difficult concepts all while helping people better their own lives. I have taught in college classes, vocational schools, and business seminars as well as corporate training sessions.