Radio and Podcasting

Radio Wasteland


Paranormal Radio Talk Show

Radio Wasteland is a irreverent, paranormal talk show covering everything from the weird, to the conspiratory, to the mysterious. This show is a lighthearted and fun approach to learning more about what is and isn’t out there.

Archaic Radio

Archaic Radio Logo

Grass Roots and Rock n’ Roll Revival

Archaic Radio is not only where my podcasting started, but where my web development started too. My first love was music and music will always hold a sacred place in my heart.

Dead Airwaves


Short Story Podcast

Dead Airwaves is a short story show. Narrated, sometimes with music, sometimes with SFX, or acted by actors. Trying to preserve and keep the memory of our favorite writer’s and friend’s stories of horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy.

Blood Noir

Blood Noir

Radio Drama Podcast

Blood noir is a fully produced horror audio drama with sound effects, voice acting, and music. In each episode, the stranger, played by Pete Lutz, tells a story via cassette tapes in an audiobook short story format.