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Why do I care about Chauncey anyway?

Okay, this is a tough one, as I assume it is with most people that have diverse interests. I am an SEO specialist, paranormal and garage rock radio host, and author/artist. I don’t mean to be confusing, we just live in times that allow us to be all the things we want to be and we should appreciate that. So, if you catch me online we could be talking about how to make your business succeed online, or we could be talking about whether or not ghosts and aliens are real, or we could be talking about how the pursuit of creativity makes us all better people. It’s a crapshoot, but I’m happy you are throwing the dice : ).

Chauncey Haworth

What does Chauncey do Again?

SEO & Web Development

Many of my creative paths in life have lead me to web development and online marketing. Once the creating was done the only thing that was left was to create a way to share it… or at least to learn it.

Radio & Podcasting

I am a host on several radio shows and podcasts. Podcasting and radio is a great opportunity for me as it allows me to teach, learn, create and critique all while hanging out with like-minded people.

Music & Bands

I started playing in bands when I was 14 years old. Writing songs and the camaraderie of playing with a band got me through the tumultuous years of youth and made me a better, more creative person today.

Stories & Art

A lot of this creating started with writing stories and drawing comics as a kid. With any luck, it will end with creating as well. My retirement dream is to create low budget horror and sci-fi flicks.


About My Life

In the Beginning

My Partner in Crime… I mean life.

I was scientifically designed in a lab to be the ultimate rock n’ roller but went against my programming to become a businessman and family man.

Well, maybe that’s not exactly true. I was born in Southern California in 1976 and adopted by my parents Joan and Stephen Haworth.

As is often the case with my generation, my parents split when I was about 3. When I was 9, my mom, my brother Soames and I relocated to Northern California. My family and I have since moved to Ashland, Oregon.

When I was twenty-four I had my first child, Harlee Quinn. Her mom and I split up, but happily raise Harlee together.

In 2004 I married a girl I had a crush on in high school (no, we did not re-meet on Facebook) and we have been together ever since; proving that dreams can come true. To sweeten the deal she had two children, Aspen and Jasmine, which I proudly help to raise.

Terry, my wife, and I are still together and with the kids, we took several broken homes and made our own perfect family.

An Impressive List of Failures

This may not sell me much as a businessman, but I have an impressive list of failures in my past. I was a high school dropout, a college dropout, and a drug addict that hopped from couch to couch as other people took care of me. Even though I was provided a stable life and a loving family, I still felt the need to learn the hard way.

And learn the hard way I did. I dug myself into debt and burned just about every bridge I had and then I had Harlee. Harlee set me on a path to stability and my family, Jasmine, Aspen, and Terry specifically, helped steer me down the right path; effectively saving me from myself and giving me a purpose. I now own several stable businesses and provide my family with a comfortable life; something of which I am extremely proud of. I am proud of both the person I have become and the people my family have become.

I went from thinking that the world was out to get me to noticing that I was holding the gun that was shooting myself in the foot and want the world to know that you can do that too.