About Chauncey Haworth

About My Life

In the Beginning


I was scientifically designed in a lab to be the ultimate rock n’ roller but went against my programming to become a businessman and family man.

Well, maybe that’s not exactly true. I was born in Southern California in 1976 and adopted by my parents Joan and Stephen Haworth.

As is often the case with my generation, my parents split when I was about 3. When I was 9, my mom, my brother Soames and I relocated to Northern California. My family and I have since moved to Ashland, Oregon.

When I was twenty-four I had my first child, Harlee Quinn. Her mom and I split up, but happily raise Harlee together.

My Partner in Crime… I mean life.

In 2004 I married a girl I had a crush on in high school (no, we did not re-meet on Facebook) and we have been together ever since; proving that dreams can come true. To sweeten the deal she had two children, Aspen and Jasmine, which I proudly help to raise.

Terry, my wife, and I are still together and with the kids, we took several broken homes and made our own perfect family.

An Impressive List of Failures

This may not sell me much as a businessman, but I have an impressive list of failures in my past. I was a high school dropout, a college dropout, and a drug addict that hopped from couch to couch as other people took care of me. Even though I was provided a stable life and a loving family, I still felt the need to learn the hard way.

And learn the hard way I did. I dug myself into debt and burned just about every bridge I had and then I had Harlee. Harlee set me on a path to stability and my family, Jasmine, Aspen, and Terry specifically, helped steer me down the right path; effectively saving me from myself and giving me a purpose. I now own several stable businesses and provide my family with a comfortable life; something of which I am extremely proud of. I am proud of both the person I have become and the people my family have become.

I went from thinking that the world was out to get me to noticing that I was holding the gun that was shooting myself in the foot and want the world to know that you can do that too.